How I improved my sight in two weeks

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I am 38 and I have been wearing glasses ever since I remember. Before I went to the university I used -2 diopter lenses. At first, I started wearing glasses that almost became part of me, and then I started using contact lenses.

Later on, my sight got even worse, because I worked as an accountant. Minus 2 diopter became minus 3. Then I switched from glasses to contact lenses and vice versa, and everything went all over again. Glasses made my nasal bridge hurt and sometimes when I needed to focus on a specific object, I would feel dizzy. The contact lenses constantly made my eyes weep, and moreover I even got conjunctivitis. I was really fed up with all of that, so I decided to undergo surgery.

Surgery – yes or no?

I was getting ready to undergo surgery for a long time, but I kept postponing it, because I was so worried about it. That fear made me cringe, and I had no idea what to do. Even ma friends would discourage me from the surgery. They told me that there is a better method of improving sight... But I wanted not to hear about it anymore. I thought that the stories about this method were just fairy-tales. They told me that my sight could improve rapidly in 12-17 days, but I was just like: “Yeah, sure”.

Sight improvement without surgery

During a lunchbreak we went out for a coffee with my colleague, and that was the time when I found out that some of my colleagues improved their sight without surgery, whilst I was getting ready for one. I was so focused on my surgery that I wouldn’t even notice that they no longer wear glasses.

How did they manage to do that? About a month ago they found eye massager called OptiMaskPro on the internet. This device was recommended by people on various forums. After reading through the comments, the colleagues decided to order that device. The device was delivered by mail order with cash on delivery as payment method in few days. The results became apparent at the beginning of the third week already. For one of them it was -2,5 diopter, and the other one went from +1,5 to +1, whereas the third went from -4 to -1. They achieved all of that after roughly 15 days of using the device.

I have decided that I have nothing to lose and order one too. It arrived after 3 days by mail delivery.

The device reminds me of a big glasses with soft “fingers” inside. It is very easy to use: you simply put the device on your eyes, lay down and relax. The device uses batteries, which is comfy, as you don’t need to deal with cords. For all cases, adapter is also included, so you connect it to the electrical outlet, too. The instructions describe how to use it to improve your sight in detail.

What was the result like?

I started using the device: It was simple – 15 minutes per day was enough. I used it regularly for two weeks. After two weeks I visited my eye doctor, and I was impressed by the results of the check-up. My sight improved from minus 3 to minus 1! After one more week it was 0.7! I was tremendously happy. Just imagine – it only took me three weeks to get from -3 to 0.7. JUST 3 WEEKS. I still can’t believe that I can see everything sharply, clearly and without flashing and blurring.

And doctors are still trying to persuade us to pay for surgery, glasses or contact lenses. Why didn’t the surgeon recommend me such thing in the first place? Because in such case, he would lose a customer.

I have ordered the device here. It is the only official distributor of “OptiMaskPro” in UK. The price of the device equals cost of three pairs of contact lenses or four cinema tickets. It is just up to you to decide whether it is much or not, especially if you consider (in)efficiency of contact lenses and glasses.

So, friends, hopefully, you will find my story helpful, and it will allow you to get better sight. If someone already has experience with this method, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts – I am waiting for your comments.

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Dory Henderson Daughter used this device regularly. She is very satisfied. The lenses are now the thing of the past…
Reply · Like · at 19:45
Molly Schneider Thanks Carin. I picked it up at the post office yesterday. Everything seems OK. I am starting with the procedure.
Reply · Like · at 19:49
Andrea Miller Sister lives in US, and she says that this device is VERY popular there. Everyone is so excited about it.
Reply · Like · at 19:55
Laura Perry Hey, Carin! Your article impressed me. Cool! I am gonna order it now.
Reply · Like · at 19:58
Catherine Stevens I am using this device second week already, and I can feel that my sight is REALLY improving. I am so happy…
Reply · Like · at 20:18
Jana Porter Hi there, Carin! I have already order it and just waiting till it arrives :)
Reply · Like · at 20:38
Tasha Lambert Brilliant, Carin, cool!
Reply · Like · at 20:39
Princess Sissi Hello there, Carin! I am playing with it for a week now and minus 4 has turned to minus 2. Thanks a lot!!!!
Reply · Like · at 20:39
Jennifer Clark They have been using this device in USA for at least a year now! Everyone with bad sight has ordered in in our office. And the problems are now gone as with a magic trick. Don’t hesitate and order it.
Reply · Like · at 20:59
Eva Ross Hi! I am using for a month now and my sight is great now!!! I am just speechless! Carin, thank you!
Reply · Like · at 14:59
Suzanne Foster I am using the device for a week and I can see the results. My sight has obviously improved :-), I can handle it without glasses now, too. ...
Reply · Like · at 15:59
Betty Fisher Carin, you’re a treasure! Have a great day! This method allowed me to improve my sight from minus 4 to minus 2 in 28 days. And I would like to reach at least 1)). But sometimes I am a bit too lazy and I forget about the procedure, so it takes a bit longer. I have to get motivated and go all the way)
Reply · Like · at 16:20
Martina Reed Carin, I have bought such device in Ukraine, some time ago. The massage is great, it helped a lot! I went from minus 4 and half to minus 1 in 4 weeks, and if I would do it every day, it would take even less time!
Reply · Like · at 16:59
Henriette Cruz My husband used this device. He says it helped him and now he can see better than before with glasses. His sight has fully recovered.
Reply · Like · at 10:59
Happy childhood) I am using this system. And I have to say, it works. I have ordered the device on the previously mentioned site without paying in advance. It was delivered in 6 days. I had +1.5 and now it is just 0.8. .
Reply · Like · at 11:24
Ruth Cooper People congratulate me, because my sight has recovered 100 percent!! I cant believe it!! I was at the eyes doctor yesterday, and he confirmed it’s a fact. The husband decided to use this device, too, even though his sight is not as bad as mine was.
Reply · Like · at 14:45
April Stone Friends, I hope you will be as lucky as I was. My sight improved during 12 days from -2 to 0.8. Props to the guy who invented it. All the best!
Reply · Like · at 12:38
Brittany Cook I know OptiMaskPro, too. My auntie used it to recover her sight in a short time. This method simply rocks. !
Reply · Like · at 14:02
Celine Edwards Hello there, this device is so cool, and it works fast and efficiently. I rate it A+ ;). I visited eye doctor yesterday, and he could not believe his eyes. He asked me whether I underwent the surgery abroad)))
Reply · Like · at 14:32
Steven Howard Gretings. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a boy and didn’t believe it would change. But about a month ago I came across Carin's website, ordered the device, and know I can throw glasses into garbage!!!! Thanks, Carin!
Reply · Like · at 14:59
Courtney Morgan This device is nothing new. Everyone knows about it. And if someone does not, he either has a good sight or likes glasses because of style :). I found it las year. I recommended it to my friends as well. My sight has completely recovered about a year ago. I can see without any problems. :).
Reply · Like · at 15:17
Emma Price Thanks for the info. Really useful, as always. I am going to order it now.
Reply · Like · at 16:46
Carmen Black It’s brilliant! Forget about glasses and lenses)))))) So many positive comments, I am going to order it right away. Expect my feedback!
Reply · Like · at 11:26 pm
Cheryl Simone This device is well-known and broadly used not only in USA, but also in Germany. So at the end it got to us too. We are a small country, but still…
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